Condolence Stationery

We offer a range of condolence stationery and mourning stationery items for private correspondence or for public use when marking the death of a senior national figure/private ceremonies.

Condolence Stationery

  • Condolence Sheets
  • Condolence Ring Binders
  • Condolence Books

Mourning Stationery

  • Black edged mourning letterheads
  • Black edged mourning envelopes

Mourning Stationery

For private correspondence, we offer A4 black bordered letterheads on premium 135gsm off-white paper. These can be personalised with your crest/coat of arms. Alongside the letterheads, our black edged mourning envelopes are DL in size (110mm x 220mm) and made of the same high quality 135gsm off-white paper.

Condolence Sheets

For public use, we supply traditional black bordered, lined A4 condolence sheets printed onto premium 135gsm off-white paper. These sheets can be left plain or personalised with the crest/coat of arms of the council/institution in which they are being displayed.

The condolence sheets are drilled with 4 x holes down the left-hand edge for use within condolence ring binders.

Condolence Ring Binder

Each ring binder holds roughly 150 x sheets of A4 condolence paper. After use, the pages can be returned to us to be bound together into a book of condolence.

Ring binders can be personalised on the front cover which is most commonly done in either gold or silver foil. Customers can choose from either wording and/or crests depending on requirements.

Book of Condolence

After use, condolence sheets can be returned to Barnard & Westwood to be bound into a book of condolence.

For private ceremonies, we are able to assist with all manner of printing and bookbinding requirements involved with such an event from orders of service to sympathy cards.

For further information and pricing please contact us at [email protected]