Gilding & Inking Edges

The Gilding Process

The images below show how we turn ordinary pieces of paper into beautiful invitations through the traditional process of gilding


Gilding - Step 1_1030x690

Step 1 – Place your invitations to be gilded in a clamp (Ensure the grip is nice and tight!)

Gilding - Step 2_1030x690

Step 2 – Sand down the surface of the area to be gilded (If you are gilding invitations with a bevelled edge, ensure your invitations are in the clamp at an angle)

Gilding - Step 3_1030x690

Step 3 – Ensure the surface is as smooth as possible

Gilding - Step 4_1030x690

Step 4 – Apply adhesive to the smooth, sanded surface of the invitations

Gilding - Step 5_1030x690

Step 5 – Select the foil you would like to gild the edges of your invitations with

Gilding - Step 6_1030x690

Step 6 – Lay this piece of foil over the top of the invitations so it sticks to the tacky adhesive

Gilding - Step 7_1030x690

Step 7 – Using a heated roller, apply heat and pressure to roll the foil smoothly onto the edges of the invitations

Gilding - Step 8_1030x690

Step 8 – Peel away the foil transfer from the invitations

Gilding - Step 9_1030x690

Step 9 – Et Voila! Your beautiful gold gilded invitations!


One of our most popular finishing techniques is gilding. This highly specialised process involves applying a metallic foil to the edge of your stationery to add that extra level of elegance.

From experience, the most effective foils to use for gilded edges are either Gold or Silver.

Bevelled Edges

In order to ensure your gilt-edged invitations have the desired impact we also offer the option to have the edges bevelled. This involves sanding the edges down to a 45 degree angle before gilding, which allows the shiny edges to be seen even when looking at the invitations face-on.


If you would prefer a slightly different colour we would recommend having your cards ink edged. This is a very similar process using ink instead of metallic foil. To ensure a nice deep, rich colour on the edges of your invitations we use our luxurious die stamping inks. Die stamping ink contains up to 80% colour pigment to help give your invitations that extra WOW factor.