Duplexing / Triplexing

As industries become more and more competitive the need to stand out from the crowd is of ever increasing importance.

One of the drawbacks of processes such as die stamping is that as the image is pressed into the paper with such force (up to 3 tons per square inch), it leaves a ‘bruise’ or indentation on the reverse of the paper. If you require a 2-sided invitation or business card this bruise can distort the back of the stationery and prevent you from effectively printing on this side. By duplexing / triplexing another sheet of paper to the reverse of the original you can hide this recess to create an elegant, thick, luxurious item that will create an immediate impact.

Duplexing / Triplexing

The beauty of duplexing / triplexing is that it can be applied to any selection of papers and boards meaning the possibilities for combining different colours and textures are endless. What’s more, a triplexed card can be done in such as way so as to ‘sandwich’ one colour inbetween two sheets of another colour to create a beautiful alternative to gilded or inked edges.

Things to bear in mind:
• When duplexing / triplexing we advise using the same make and weight of paper as different stocks and weights absorb and dry at different rates which can distort and cause the end product to bend
• This method works best when used on business cards to create stunning thick cards that will leave a lasting impression

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