Die Cutting, Creasing & Scoring

As an alternative to laser cutting, die cutting can be used to cut bespoke shapes and edges into invitations and stationery. Unlike laser cutting, die cutting uses specially shaped metal blades mounted to a wooden backboard to cut through the paper. This removes the risk of ‘burn’ marks appearing on the reverse of the image as a result of the laser.

Die Cutting Die_1030x690 (2)

Die cutting is a very popular form of producing bespoke envelopes as, once cut out the envelopes can then undergo further print processes to add even more luxurious finishes before being made up into the finished envelopes.

This method is becoming increasingly popular with many companies and individuals to add that extra something to a printed invitation or to help their business cards stand out from the crowd.

Hunter Die Cut Stationery

By using similar metal blades (with blunt tips rather than sharp cutting tips) we are able to alter the pressure of the machine to produce either a crease or a score depending on the required result.

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