Hayley & Charlotte – Barnard & Westood Bookbinding Apprenticeships


We are very proud to announce that Hayley Andrew and Charlotte Wainwright, our two apprentice bookbinders have recently completed their apprenticeship and are now fully fledged bookbinders. For the past few years, Hayley and Charlotte have been training under head Barnard & Westwood bookbinder, Barry Greenwood learning a wide range of different skills from case binding to gold hand-tooling. Hayley & Charlotte - Landscape Over the last 7 months, the pair have been working on an external fine binding course alongside their day-to-day tasks. The course, taught by renowned fine binder Kathy Abbott, focuses on the construction of a bespoke, one-off book using the highest quality conservation-grade materials and fine binding techniques. In order to qualify as a fine binding, each book needs to contain certain traditional techniques including:

Paper restoration

(In their projects, Hayley & Charlotte used Japanese tissue to achieve this)

Photo 24-03-2016, 16 27 04

Loose-Leaf Gilding


Hand-sewn endbands


Chamfered, laced on boards

IMG_6744 IMG_6743

Alongside the physical binding project, the course also taught key skills such as tool modification (in this case spokeshave) and the correct usage of different styles of blade.

Photo 24-03-2016, 16 27 05

Leather jointed endpapers

(Charlotte also used a screen print for the endpaper design and hand painted the foredge decoration to match)


Pared leather covering with matching doublures

Photo 24-03-2016, 16 27 06 IMG_6568 Completing a fine binding takes at least 100+ hours and the finished books are considered to be the highest possible standard of bookbinding. Although the course itself has come to an end, both Hayley and Charlotte will be continuing to work on their projects for several weeks to finish off the final finishing touches. The skills and processes they have been learning during the course will prove invaluable as they progress with their bookbinding careers here at Barnard & Westwood.