Barnard & Westwood Internship – Lottie Small


We recently caught up with our latest intern – Lottie Small to see what she thought of her time at Barnard & Westwood. We are very happy to say that following her internship Lottie was offered a full time apprenticeship and is now the latest member of the Barnard & Westwood team!

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  • What attracted you to want to do an internship at Barnard & Westwood
    During my degree I undertook extra classes in bookbinding and printing. I have always been interested in these skills and was keen to pursue more training after graduation. I wanted to practically learn new/refine skills in a professional studio setting under the guidance of master craftspeople. When I found the apprenticeship at B&W I instantly knew this was the best place for me to learn.


  • Did you have any creative background before coming to Barnard & Westwood?
    I grew up in a family of antique dealers, so my appreciation for craft has been present from a young age. I pursued these interests throughout my education, including a BA Hons in hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework.


  • What processes were you most interested in learning?
    Having worked in a number of hand printing techniques such as lino and silk screen I wanted to explore areas such as die stamping and letterpress working with more machinery and tools. I am also extremely passionate about bookbinding, having worked with books in my artwork for the last two years. I want to fine tune my skills and explore new areas such as leatherworking and gilding.

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  • What has been your favourite part of your time here?
    Learning how to set up and use the die stamping machines. It’s been a totally new experience for me and I have already learnt so many new skills. Working with Dave and everyone else has been a real highlight. Dave is endlessly supportive and a great teacher.


  • What did your average day at Barnard & Westwood consist of?
    So far I have been predominantly working in the print workshop, when I arrive in the morning I am briefed on the jobs for the day. We collect the necessary materials and we begin preparation for printing. I am shown each step of the process in a way that is easy to understand before I have to go. When I am not printing I help with odd jobs around the studio and office or get to learn about the different materials by looking through the studio’s collection and back catalogue.

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  • What are your plans for the future?
    I want to work in a professional printing / binding studio for the foreseeable future while still developing my own mixed media artwork and hopefully moving towards my own business selling my artwork.